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Activists Will Spend Memorial Day Weekend Making Sure Senators Home for Recess Understand the Devastation Trumpcare Will Cause Families in Their Districts

The Congressional Budget Office score of the latest version of the Trump-Republican health care repeal plan reconfirms the devastating consequences this callous legislation will have on the elderly, families and children.

Trumpcare will leave 23 million people without health coverage within a decade. Health insurance will be prohibitively expensive for people who are ill or have pre-existing conditions. It guts Medicaid.

LeeAnn Hall, co-director of People’s Action, gave this statement today:

“A decision that will affect the lives of millions of people now rests solely with the Senate. They must kill this bill before it kills us.

“Rural communities and small towns will be especially hard-hit by this repeal plan that rips the entire Medicaid program to shreds.

“People’s Action will continue during the Memorial Day congressional recess to add more voices to the thousands upon thousands of those who have already shown up at rallies, protests and town halls around the country. This Memorial Day, we will make sure that our Senators fully understand and remember the opposition to this legislation, as well as the damage and pain it will cause families in their districts.”

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