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Sierra Club: Governor McAuliffe "Setting Virginia up for Clean Energy Success"


Today, Governor McAuliffe issued an executive directive to the Department of Environmental Quality and the Air Pollution Control Board that will lead to a strong limit on carbon pollution from power plants through regional cooperation. This is the result of the Executive Order 57 process, through which more than 10,000 Virginians called on the Governor to use his authority to reduce carbon pollution.

This action is the result of the growing momentum of public outcry for government action on climate in the face of federal inaction. A few weeks ago, thousands of Virginians joined the hundreds of thousands of people marching on Washington calling for action on climate change, clean energy careers and environmental justice.

In response, Kate Addleson, Director of the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter, released the following statement.

Governor McAuliffe's Clean Energy Virginia Initiative sets Virginia up for clean energy success and creates a much-needed solution to reducing climate change. Sea-level rise is already causing increased flooding along our coast, and is an unparalleled threat to our national security as Hampton Roads is home to our nation's largest naval installation.

These are the kind of smart policies that can provide solutions - like making our energy both clean and more affordable - when public officials respond to the issues that matter to their constituents.

The cost-effective solution put forth today will encourage the tremendous growth the clean energy sector is experiencing elsewhere in the nation to take root here in Virginia. With clean energy, the cheapest option is also the best for the environment, and we should be taking full advantage of it.

This action will further protect people in communities across the commonwealth from dangerous air pollution from power plants like sulfur dioxide and mercury for years to come. These pollutants contribute to poor health, particularly in underserved communities of color and low-income populations.

We look forward to the continued progress we can make working together with the administration.

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