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REPORT: Trump Would be Only World Leader to Deny Climate Science

If elected, Trump’s position would undermine U.S. global leadership & alliances


Donald Trump would be the only world leader to deny the science and dangers of climate change if elected President, finds a groundbreaking study released today. In fact, a review of the data shows that Trump could possibly be the only world leader not calling for urgent climate action.

The existence of a global consensus on climate among world leaders was discovered through comprehensive research conducted to identify directly attributable, verifiable statements, quotes and actions from current world leaders -- Heads of State and Heads of Government -- acknowledging climate science and the need for climate action. Many nations have also recently signed the Paris climate accord, and have submitted their climate plans to the United Nations.

"Donald Trump's failure to acknowledge basic climate science wouldn't just leave him isolated on the world stage as President, it would undermine our relationships with key allies and threaten our ability to work effectively internationally. Trump's climate science denial would make him a global laughingstock if it wasn't so dangerous" said Sierra Club Global Climate Policy Director John Coequyt. "Every single leader on earth - from Germany to India to Somalia to Japan - recognizes that the climate crisis is happening and demands the world's attention, but Trump is sticking his head in the sand while the seas are rising. "

"Anybody who cares about the health of our communities and the safety of our planet needs to know that Donald Trump would be the only leader of any nation determined to let it burn, if elected" said Sierra Club Political Director Khalid Pitts. "You can be sure that, in the meantime, The Sierra Club will do everything in our power to ensure that never happens."

The 195 nations included in the report represents the full, official list of nations recognized by the U.S. State Department.

Background on Trump and International Context:

Donald Trump has famously described climate change as a "hoax," "mythical," "nonexistent" a "con job," and "bullshit." He even said that "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

In contrast, world leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who attended the Paris conference, have called climate change "a pivotal issue of our time," saying "We are one planet, and climate knows no bounds." Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said "It is important that we act, because climate change is becoming an increasingly serious problem for all nations."

From America's closest allies like Canada, Israel and Japan, to the largest carbon emitters like India, China and Brazil, to countries as varied as Somalia, Mexico and Malaysia, today's study demonstrates leaders of all nations accept the scientific consensus that man is fueling climate change by burning fossil fuels.


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