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MoveOn Members Launch Petition Campaigns Targeting Superdelegates, Demanding That Voters, Not Party Insiders, Determine the Democratic Nominee

 MoveOn Members in 48 States Petition Local Superdelegates to Follow the Will of Voters in Determining the Democratic Party Nominee 


From Maine to California, MoveOn members in 48 states have started petition campaigns calling on their state superdelegates to honor the will of Democratic primary voters and caucus-goers in determining the party's nominee at the Democratic National Convention in July.

More than 400,000 MoveOn members have already signed state and national petitions calling on their superdelegates to vote for the candidate with the most pledged delegates at the convention, and now they are launching campaigns focusing on specific superdelegates from their state, many of whom are Democratic elected officials.

The state-level grassroots mobilizations come after Political Action announced earlier this month that it is tracking and targeting the Democratic Party's 712 superdelegates and launching accountability campaigns focused on any superdelegates that argue that insiders rather than voters should choose the nominee. So far, two superdelegates - Christine Pelosi from California and Erin Bilbray from Nevada - have publicly announced that they will vote for the candidate who wins the most pledged delegates from Democratic Party primary voters and caucus-goers around the country.

View all 48 state petitions here:

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Here are some examples of the state-level petition campaigns that MoveOn members have recently launched:

In Kansas, MoveOn member Zac Goodall is urging his state's superdelegates to honor the will of Democratic primary voters in selecting a nominee at the Democratic National Convention. He worries that if superdelegates and party insiders determine the nominee, voters will become more disengaged. In his petition, Zac explains:

"While serving with the 172nd Stryker Brigade in Mosul, Iraq, my unit and I helped make Iraq's first national elections safe and fair. I saw thousands of Iraqis brave threats from criminals and terrorists because they knew their vote was a crucial step to securing a peaceful future for their country. As an English composition instructor at a community college in Kansas, I've witnessed almost the exact opposite attitude from my students. Of my 40+ students this year, two plan on voting. They don't believe their vote counts, especially when they're informed about the billions spent financing campaigns and the realities of the electoral college and Democratic Party superdelegates."

View Zac's petition here:

In Massachusetts, MoveOn member Hannah Kimberley is also petitioning her State's superdelegates to honor the will of Democratic primary voters in selecting a nominee at the Democratic National Convention. Hannah worries that:

"If supporters of either candidate walk away from this process believing that their votes do not count, then the democratic process is lost, and so is the hope for a win in November. Let the voters decide!"

View Hannah's petition here:

In New Hampshire, MoveOn member Chris Liquori is calling on the state's superdelegates--including Governor Maggie Hassan, Rep. Ann Kuster, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and DNC members Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and Joanne Dowdell--to honor the will of Democratic primary voters at the Democratic National Convention.

View Chris's petition here:

In Nevada, MoveOn member Karen Wathen is petitioning her state's superdelegates to vote for the candidate who wins the most pledged delegates from Democratic primary voters and caucus-goers at the Democratic National Convention. Karen explains her reasoning for starting the petition, saying:

"As an educator, I taught my students about the election process. I emphasized the power of voting: that elections are the process that allows citizens of the United States to choose the officials who will best represent their needs and desires. I taught my students that every vote counts. I want them to continue to believe in the power of elections and to continue to participate as citizens of the U.S. I don't want them to become disenfranchised and stop voting like so many."

View Karen's petition here:

"MoveOn members across the country have made it clear that they will not allow Democratic Party insiders to determine the outcome of this election. Democratic voters will decide the party's nominee," explained Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action. "There is, of course, no problem with superdelegates choosing to endorse whichever candidate they prefer, but when it comes time to select the party's nominee at the Democratic Convention, superdelegates must stand with voters and honor the outcomes of primaries and caucuses held across the country. The party's base simply will not tolerate any anti-democratic efforts by superdelegates to thwart the will of the people."

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