Internet Freedom Advocates Launch Campaign to Get Internet Freedom into Republican and Democratic Party Platforms

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Internet Freedom Advocates Launch Campaign to Get Internet Freedom into Republican and Democratic Party Platforms

WASHINGTON - Today, Demand Progress is launching an action website and campaign for internet users to demand the Republican and Democratic Parties put a commitment to internet freedom in their respective party platforms at the upcoming conventions. The campaign will work in conjunction with supportive platform committee members of both parties and will include petitions to both parties.

The action website and petition language can be seen here:

While the campaign will be working through inside channels, it will also run a public petition campaign to escalate outside pressure with Demand Progress' one million members. The organization was at the core of the fight against SOPA and helped fight back cyber security legislation in Congress just two weeks ago.

"It should be obvious to lawmakers in both parties that internet freedom needs to be a priority -- and it looks like there's a race of sorts on to become the party of pro-Internet votes and campaign contributions" Said David Segal, Executive Director of Demand Progress, "Strong platform statements in support of internet freedom will create a clear baseline of acceptable behavior and make it less likely that we'll face another situation where dozens of lawmakers sign on in support of internet-obliterating bills like PIPA or SOPA."



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