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Joy and Resolve: A Statement on Tim DeChristopher's Sentencing by Bill McKibben

WASHINGTON - Yesterday in Salt Lake City, our friend Tim DeChristopher was sentenced to two years in prison for disrupting an illegal auction of oil and gas leases.

The judge didn't punish Tim for what he did during the auction. As the prosecution made clear in their call for a harsh sentence, Tim is being punished for his defense of the bold tactics we need to stop the rapid warming of our planet - because he believed in the power of civil disobedience and direct action.

I suppose the judge is right about one thing: we need to make an example of Tim. But his is an example to be honored, not punished. By disrupting the auction he preserved thousands of acres of land and kept untold tons of carbon in the ground.

I know you understand the importance of peaceful civil disobedience to save our earth's climate. But if we want this movement to grow to include our friends and neighbors, we need to show that Tim is not alone, and that we are not afraid. "Joy and resolve" was a rallying cry for Tim's trial, and that's exactly the sentiment we need now.

To show our resolve at this critical time, I'd like to ask everyone who has already committed to join the action in DC to invite two new people to join us.

If we keep growing, even after Tim's sentence, we can show the the fossil fuel industry and their friends in government that we will not be deterred. There's a page set up with key facts you can use to help craft a note here:

Take some time to make this a personal appeal, rather than just a forwarded email. Your commitment to join the action is the best argument for others to join you, so speak from the heart about your own reasons for participating.

We may not all be able to make the same sacrifice Tim made - but we all need to begin to step up our commitment. We don't have any time to lose to fear.

Thank you for everything you've done, and everything you will do.


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