Don’t Let Congress Silence NPR and PBS


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Don’t Let Congress Silence NPR and PBS

WASHINGTON - Extremists in Congress are pushing for a vote in the House on Thursday to slash all funding for NPR, PBS and other public media. This is the closest they have ever come to pulling the plug on the news and cultural programming that a vast majority of Americans say they support. 

Help us beat back these attacks by urging your representative to stand with the American people and protect public media. Sign the letter below to put Congress on notice: It can't play politics with one of the last, best sources of news and programming we have in America.

For some communities, local NPR and PBS stations are the only source of serious reporting. They also employ thousands of journalists — at a time when commercial newsrooms are shedding jobs.

Whether you rely on public media for Morning Edition or for Sesame Street, tell Congress to take a stand for public media. (Go here to learn more about efforts to defund public media.)


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