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* BP and D.C. * 'Worst Industrial Disaster'


Juhasz recently wrote a piece for the UK Guardian titled "BP spends millions lobbying as it drills ever deeper and the environment pays."

Director of the Chevron program at Global Exchange, Juhasz is author of The Tyranny of Oil: The World's Most Powerful Industry -- and What We Must Do to Stop It.

Ortman is U.S. coordinator of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal. She said today: "The Bhopal gas disaster was the worst industrial disaster in history, as far as human impact is concerned. The most important and unfortunate lesson we must remember in the face of the recent BP leak is that these disasters don't go away after a few weeks or months, when the media starts focusing on something else. It lasts for years -- for generations.

"Union Carbide and its owner Dow abandoned the mess they made in Bhopal, and BP will certainly do the same if they are given the opportunity. Second and third generations of Bhopalis are still suffering unnecessarily from ongoing contamination and the corporations' lack of accountability. ...

"Bhopal survivors have been in Delhi for the past three weeks. and will return again for an indefinite sit-in over the summer. They are asking the government to set up an empowered commission to deal with the clean-up still needed and the social, medical and economic problems that still plague them."

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