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Devon Whitham (AFL-CIO) 202-637-5089
Alison Omens (Working America) 202-637-5083

Roundtables Held Across Country to Discuss Economy, Need for Urgent Action

WASHINGTON - As economic leaders gather in Washington for the White House Jobs
Summit, working people will come together in Ohio, Minnesota, New
Mexico, and California to talk about their experience in communities
hard hit by the economic crisis. Members of Working America and the
AFL-CIO will join religious and labor leaders in Dayton, Columbus,
Minneapolis, Sacramento, and Albuquerque to discuss how the economic
crisis has affected them and call for the implementation of national
policies that will create good jobs immediately.

roundtable discussions are part of an initiative led by the 11.5
million member AFL-CIO and affiliates like Working America to push for
the immediate creation of good jobs. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
will be at the White House Jobs Summit calling for a five-point plan
that will create and save at least 2 million jobs over the next year. 
The plan includes:

·        Extending the lifeline for jobless workers;
·        Rebuilding America's schools, roads, and energy systems;
·        Increasing aid to state and local governments to maintain vital services;
·       Funding jobs in our communities; and
·        Putting TARP funds to work for Main Street.

job crisis is hitting all working Americans across the country."
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said.  "That's why every day we are
calling for immediate action to turn around the economy.  We need
jobs—now. And I'll be delivering that message from millions of working
people at the White House Jobs Summit."

Working America
represents 3 million members, 16.5 percent of which are unemployed,
making it one of the largest organizations of unemployed workers in the
country. Recently, Working America launched the Unemployment Lifeline
(at which is a resource for people who've
lost their jobs and are struggling to find a new one.

night we talk to thousands of people in neighborhoods across the
country and they all tell us the same thing – that they need urgent
action on jobs and economy to stay afloat," said Karen Nussbaum,
Executive Director of Working America. "The jobs crisis is in every
neighborhood, every family.  The question we're asking is what do
working Americans think of the economy and how has it impacted them. 
That's just as important as what Goldman Sachs thinks."

For information on the specific roundtables or to speak to participants, call Alison Omens at 202-637-5083.


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