Opportunities for Green Jobs in Canada Highlighted in Groundbreaking Research Report

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Andrea Harden-Donahue
Energy Campaigner
Council of Canadians

Andrea Peart
National Representative Health, Safety and Environment
Canadian Labour Congress

Council of Canadians

Opportunities for Green Jobs in Canada Highlighted in Groundbreaking Research Report

OTTAWA - The world is facing climate and economic crises, people are
experiencing serious impacts and without urgent action the world is in
peril. Mere weeks away from the important climate negotiations in
Copenhagen, Denmark, world leaders are already warning that urgent
action may not come soon. This must change.

The Council of Canadians and the Canadian Labour Congress have produced
Green Decent and Public, a report focused on opportunities  for the
public sector to play a prominent role in generating good jobs. Green
Decent and Public focuses on opportunities  for improving energy
efficiency and rapidly expanding electricity  production from renewable
resources. Public and community ownership of renewable power is offered
as an alternative that has distinct advantages to further market
liberalization in the electricity sector. These advantages include
retaining economic revenues, maximizing social benefits, prioritizing
conservation and ensuring energy security.

The executive summary is available at: www.canadians.org/energy/documents/climatejustice/green-decent-public-exec.pdf
The full report is available at: www.canadians.org/energy/documents/climatejustice/green-decent-public.pdf
French copy of the executive summary is available at: www.canadians.org/francais/energie/documents/verte-decente-publique-res.pdf

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