Department of Justice Brief Defends DOMA in Marriage Case

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Donna Smith, Executive Director

Department of Justice Brief Defends DOMA in Marriage Case

WASHINGTON - The Department of Justice today filed a brief defending the so-called
"Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) in the case Gill v. Office of Personnel Management.  People
For the American Way president Michael B. Keegan issued the following

"I'm disappointed that the Department of Justice once again
chose to defend a law which, by the Department's own admission,
discriminates against gay and lesbian Americans.  In Massachusetts and other states, there are
now two groups of legally married couples: one group which gets all the federal
benefits that come with marriage, and another group which receives nothing.
 That situation is intolerable.  The administration missed an
important opportunity to make clear that discrimination against LGBT people is

Naomi Klein Block

"Today's brief highlights the need
for President Obama to provide the leadership to repeal DOMA.  It's
a bad law, plain and simple.  Congress and the White House should work
together to remove it from the books as soon as possible."


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