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Meghan Scott  (202) 721-8014 Calls on Walmart to Pull Ads, Stop Supporting Hate Speech

Other companies pull ads from Glen Beck’s show, Walmart continues its support

WASHINGTON - Today, America’s campaign to change Walmart with more
than 450,000 members, is calling on Walmart to pull its substantial
advertising dollars from the Glen Beck Show on Fox News. Recently many
groups have called for a withdrawal of advertising support from Beck’s
show because of his extreme and hateful rhetoric. Several companies,
including Geico, have pulled all their ads from the show, but Walmart
continues to support Beck’s hate speech.

“Walmart must stop supporting Glen Beck’s show with its
advertising,” said Meghan Scott, Director of “Money
talks, and it is simply unacceptable for the country’s largest retailer
to endorse this hate speech.

“Walmart is a major player, both in terms of advertising and in
terms of the discussion on major issues facing our country. Walmart has
inserted itself into the public discourse on everything from health
care to the environment. Because of their size, their messages reach
many -- and with great power comes great responsibility. Walmart has a
responsibility to stand up against this kind of hateful and extreme
rhetoric, and they can do their part by pulling their advertisements.”



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