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Free Press Launches FreeMyPhone Campaign

Senate Commerce Committee hearing today to consider the consumer wireless experience


Today, Free Press launched FreeMyPhone, a campaign that calls on leaders in Washington to open up wireless networks and promote consumer choice.

The Senate Commerce Committee will discuss the consumer wireless
experience at a hearing today, following a letter sent earlier this
week to the Federal Communications Commission laying out concerns of
committee members about exclusive deals struck between wireless
carriers and equipment manufacturers.

Watch the Senate Commerce Committee hearing:

Recent actions by wireless carriers have sparked controversy. Apple
will release the new iPhone on Friday, but consumers were outraged to
learn that AT&T has delayed certain popular features that are
available in other countries. AT&T also recently acknowledged
playing a role in blocking Skype, the popular voice application, on its
3G network. And most major wireless companies have terms of service
that prohibit the use of certain applications and services.

This spring, Free Press sent a letter to the FCC asking the agency
to confirm that wireless networks must adhere to the Internet Policy
Statement, which protects consumers' right to access any online content
and services on any device of their choosing.

Timothy Karr, campaign director of Free Press, issued the following statement:

"Wireless companies promise the Internet in your packet, but deliver
the walled wireless web. Through exclusive deals for phones like the
iPhone and BlackBerry Storm, wireless companies have stifled
innovation, crippled applications, and stuck users with the bill.

"The FreeMyPhone campaign offers consumers a chance to get involved
and demand better policies. Congress and the FCC should ensure that we
have the freedom to use our phones as we want on wireless networks that
offer true high-speed Internet and real consumer choice."

Read the Free Press letter to the FCC:

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