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EQCA and Assemblymember Brownley Call for Repeal of DOMA


Julia Brownley (D - Santa Monica) introduced a joint resolution
sponsored by Equality California (EQCA) calling for the immediate
repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which explicitly forbids
the federal government or any federal agency from recognizing
state-sanctioned marriages between same-sex couples. As a result,
same-sex married couples are refused the same rights and
responsibilities as their opposite-sex counterparts, resulting in
inequitable and unfair implementation of federal laws governing a range
of issues including housing, immigration, tax and inheritance.

"DOMA is a stain on our nation's promise of equality and justice under
the law," said Equality California Executive Director Geoff Kors, whose
organization is sponsoring the resolution. "Same-sex married couples
deserve the same rights and responsibilities as opposite-sex married
couples. President Obama must keep his campaign promise and call for
Congress to repeal DOMA immediately."

Once passed, the resolution, AJR 19, will put the state of California
on record in support of an immediate repeal of DOMA, which was passed
in 1996. Repealing DOMA would result in the federal government
recognizing legal marriages for same-sex couples, just as it currently
does for legal marriages for opposite-sex couples.

"If a state recognizes the love and commitment of one couple, the
federal government must do the same," said Assemblymember Brownley upon
introducing the bill. "I urge Congress and the President to take a
stand on the side of liberty and treat all Americans equally."

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Equality California is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-based, statewide advocacy organization whose mission is to achieve equality and civil rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians.