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Amnesty International Responds to News of Pentagon's Report to President Obama on Guantanamo Prison Conditions

WASHINGTON - Amnesty International advocacy director for Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Human Rights Tom Parker released the following statement in response to news that the Pentagon's report to President Obama on conditions at Guantanamo states that the prison meets standards outlined by the Geneva Conventions:

"It comes as no surprise that the Pentagon would say Guantanamo meets international human rights standards.

"However, there have been many well-documented accounts of abuse at Guantanamo over the past few years. When over two hundred prisoners continue to be held without charge or trial--many for more than six years, with scores in isolation and concerns about dozens on hunger strike--it's clear the abuse of prisoners continues.

"Human rights organizations are still being denied access to the facility and the detainees. But even without the ability to conduct a proper independent review, enough is known to cast doubt on the accuracy of the Pentagon's report."


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