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The Most Comprehensive, Independent, Web-Based Satellite Information Site Just Got Better

Union of Concerned Scientists Updates Free Database


Ever wonder how many active satellites are in orbit around the Earth? (Answer: 905.) Or how many countries have a stake in satellites? (Answer: At least 115.) Or where in space most commercial satellites orbit? (Answer: Two-thirds of commercial satellites are in geosynchronous orbits.)

Indulge your curiosity or support your research with the Union of Concerned Scientists' Satellite Database, the first free, comprehensive, easy-to-use repository of information on active satellites. The database is a research tool for specialists and non-specialists alike. It contains 24 types of data for each satellite, including technical information (orbit, mass, power, launch, expected lifetime); the service each satellite provides; and who owns, operates and built the satellite.

We have just updated the Satellite Database Web page with additional support material, including a Satellite Quick Facts feature that provides key facts about the satellite population. We update the database and Quick Facts quarterly.

The database is in Excel format and can be downloaded at

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