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Wealth and Politics in Congo

Wayne Madsen: Will Obama change Congo policy or will it be business as usual? Pt 3 of 3


In the final segment, the Real
News discusses the conflict in Congo with investigative journalist
Wayne Madsen. Madsen argues the media's simplification of the conflict
as being tribally-driven detracts from its reality as a proxy war with
expansive human costs.

Madsen describes the Congo conflict as a proxy war in which Western
powers are benefiting from the extraction of Congo's mineral wealth.
Congo is rich in diamonds, gold and uranium deposits; materials that
are increasing in importance during the global economic crisis.

With warfare, famine and disease have also been brought to Congo.
Since 1994, an estimated 5.5 million people have died. This number
includes both Congolese citizens and refugees fleeing to Congo from
neighbouring countries.

Many look to Obama for meaningful change in the US' African
policies. Madsen argues the new administration has already sent the
'wrong message' to the UN by choosing Susan Rice as its Ambassador.
Rice is a supporter of client dictators in African countries and Madsen
is fearful more people like Rice will enter the administration.

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