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CODEPINK Activists Stage Arrest of Karl Rove for Lying to Congress About the Iraq War at Mortgage Bankers Annual Convention

SAN FRANCISCO - When Karl Rove took the stage at the Mortgage Bankers
Association annual convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco
today, CODEPINK women in the audience staged a citizen's arrest of the
former Bush Administration chief of staff, under California Code
837. This action follows on the heels of yesterday's appearance on
stage of Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, who disrupted the
convention to ask for a moratorium on foreclosures. 

Janine Boneparth, 58, of Ross, CA, walked on the stage with handcuffs
and placed a cuff on Rove's wrist before he yanked it away, while
stating, "I have to make a citizens arrest.  You are under arrest for
treason." (Watch film of the arrest from ABC 7 here:

At the same moment, Nancy Mancias, 38, of San Francisco,
CA, held a banner in front of the stage that read, "Rove (hearts)
torture, treason and fraud!"

 "Ladies and gentlemen, Karl Rove is not fit to address you today,"
Mancias said. "Karl Rove was involved in lying to the American people
about the Iraq war."

The moderator responded by asking Sen. Mitchell and Rove, with a
chuckle, who will win World Series. After Rove talked about who in
Congress is responsible for the economic crisis and who should we
believe, Rae Abileah, 25, of Half Moon Bay, stood up.  

"Karl Rove, how can we believe you when you lied to get us into the war
in Iraq?" Abileah said. "You are under arrest for contempt of

Abileah held up a banner that read: "ARREST ROVE/ Lying about War/
Outing C.I.A. Agent/ Contempt of Congress/ Supporting Torture".  Three
security men tackled her and clasped their hands over her face. She
broke free and repeated, "Rove is under arrest for treason."

A few minutes later, when Rove was talking about the war, Keiko
Schnelle, 21, of Albany, and Blaine Clarke, 28, of San Francisco, stood
up with a banner that said "Rove = War Criminal."  

"Karl Rove is the one misleading the American people," Clarke shouted. "Karl Rove is a war criminal. Arrest Karl Rove!"

Security then pushed Clarke to the ground and dragged her out along
with Schnelle.  All five CODEPINK women were escorted out of the
building by police without charges. They asked police to assist with
the future citizens arrest of Karl Rove. They carried copies of the
full arrest complaint, which is included below this release.

Yesterday during a keynote panel with
heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at the MBA convention, Medea
Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, walked onstage to call for a
moratorium on foreclosures. (Watch video of it here here  

"Since the public bailed out your companies, the public should have a
right to ask a question," Benjamin said calmly once she walked up onto
the stage. "We need a moratorium on foreclosures. Will you please call
for that, sirs?"  She was then forcefully escorted off the stage. 

CODEPINK has been birddogging Karl Rove as he tours the
country, including demonstrations at his recent Sacramento appearance
at the Perspectives public affairs forum, and at the Houston Aquarium.
 Benjamin remarked, "We are demanding accountability from Karl Rove who
lied to get us into the war and outed C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame.  If
law enforcement and Congress won't do it, we the American people will!" 



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