Queens Woman Loses Son in Iraq, Now Her Home to Foreclosure Scam: Where's the Bailout for Americans?

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Queens Woman Loses Son in Iraq, Now Her Home to Foreclosure Scam: Where's the Bailout for Americans?

JAMAICA, QUEENS, N.Y. - Jocelyne Voltaire lost her son earlier this year in Iraq and is about to lose her Queens Village home.

Voltaire, who immigrated here 21 years ago, bought her white,
two-story house and raised a family there, is one of thousands of
Americans whose home is being foreclosed after being caught in a
mortgage scam. (Read the New York Daily News story about her
foreclosure here).

"I still have two children, ages 6 and 10, who need a roof over
their heads," Voltaire said. "I worked all my life, my son died for
this country, and now the bank wants to take my home away? That's just
wrong. Washington needs to help us, the homeowners, not the banks and
Wall Street."

Members of the peace action group CODEPINK Women for Peace have
visited Voltaire at her home and plan to be at the Queens County
courthouse tomorrow to host a press conference protesting the
foreclosure. It is a poster case for what is wrong with the $700
billion bailout of taxpayer money to Wall Street.  

case is symbolic of what is wrong with the $700 billion bailout of Wall
Street and the banks -- it's bailing out the wrong people!" said Medea
Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder. "We're determined to make sure Jocelyne
stays in her home and that the government helps people like her, not
rich financiers."  

It is getting major action on the blogs right now (from political blog Daily Kos to Huffington Post) after the American News Project did a story on her yesterday here in the lead-up to the presidential debate.

CODEPINK has created a web site for people to donate to a fund to pay Voltaire's mortgage here.   

For more information, please call Medea Benjamin at 415-235-6517.

WHAT: Press conference on tragic story of Queens resident Jocelyne Voltaire's home foreclosure
WHEN: 12 p.m. Oct. 17

: Outside Queens County Courthouse, 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, Queens




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