The Roots and Remedies of The Financial Crisis

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The Roots and Remedies of The Financial Crisis

Leo Panitch: It's time to make banking a public utility

his discussion with Senior Editor Paul Jay, Leo Panitch summarizes the
context and history leading to the current financial crisis.  Historically, the crisis has its roots in the 1960s during the US war in Viet Nam and a domestic period of social upheaval.  Responding
from pressure to fund the Viet Nam war and also to fund a domestic 'War
on Poverty', the US government drastically reduced its public
expenditure and left the provision of public housing to the private
domain.  Panitch argues the current US debt 'isn't poor
people's fault' but is a 'product of not being willing to have public

Panitch suggests two necessary changes for the US government during this economic transition.  First, it must put in place a more equitable redistributive taxation system.  Second, it needs a reallocation of state expenditure.

reallocation of state expenditure may be compromised by the potential
future need for increased American military expenditure.  For
example, Panitch states that the realization of 'threats' from
Pakistan, Russia and Iran could result in the continued need for
military spending. 

The current economic crisis requires a historical understanding.  As Panitch states, 'a capitalist system will self-create contradictions'.

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