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New Head of ISI; Karzai Calls For Taliban talks

Eric Margolis: Political stability is unattainable in Afghanistan without dialog with Taliban

TORONTO - Pakistan replaced the head of its powerful Inter-Services Intelligence
or ISI in an apparent effort to clean up the military spy agency, amid
claims from Washington, that it secretly backs the Taliban.The
Lieutenant General Ahmad Pasha was appointed by army general Ashfaq
Kiyani. Pasha will assume the post of Director General of the ISI.

The appointment of General Pasha doesn't come lightly, it is said that
the appointment of Pasha is seen by some, as a move to placate
Washington, which accuses the ISI of collaborating with Taliban
fighters., despite government assurances the agency has been reformed.

lead up to the appointment of General Pasha comes after a major
standoff between the Pakistani government and Major Kiyani who resisted
attempts to put the ISI under civilian control. The appointment comes
amidst an ongoing Pakistani military offensive in the Baujur region on
the Afghan border. Afghan President Hamid Karzai stated on Tuesday that
he had asked the Saudi king to help facilitate peace talks with the
Taliban in order to bring an end to the ongoing conflict. He also
called on Taliban leader Mullah Omar to return peace talks. Omar
rejected the offer.

Eric Margolis, The Real News Analyst says "Cross border offences
are getting worse, and the fighting is intensifying and Taliban and its
allies are getting stronger. There will never be stability in
Afghanistan until the largest ethnic group is brought into the
political process."

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