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Bush Doctrine at the UN

Gareth Porter comments on Bush's 'war on terror' legacy


George Bush addressed United Nations on Tuesday in what will likely be his final speech to UN as the president on USA, bush highlighted the great success of his presidency in fighting terror and spreading democracy. His essential thesis was on the war on terror and this is what he had to say "The ideals of the charter is now facing a challenge as serious as any since the UN's founding, a global movement of violent extremist, by deliberately murdering the innocent to advance their aims these extremists defy the fundamental principles of international order"

To discuss the implications of what Bush said to the UN The Real News Network spoke to Gareth Porter, a historian and investigative journalist on US foreign and military policy. The Real News discussed the Bush Doctrine and war on terror and where The United States stand after 8 years of foreign policy based on it.

Porter says "He has presented a kind of light wing fantasy of the way war on terror ought to look which is that there are handful of terrorist exposed out in the open which the US military or CIA can go in and grab them. In reality you have plenty of terrorist but they are embedded in communities and larger society which provide support for historical cultural political reasons. Some of which are very much tied in with the course of US national security policy and military policy in the Middle East. There fore the way in which Bush has presented this is a kind immaculate conception of US policy towards war on terror in which and other aspects of us policy as well as war on terror itself have nothing to do with the problem and have no negative impact on the problem. And as we all know infact what is actually transpired in the Middle East is that US foreign policy has been responsible for worsening the situation."

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