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SEIU Denounces Anti-Immigrant Hate Speech

oins Prominent Immigrant Rights Groups to Advocate for Smart, Pragmatic Reform

WASHINGTON - Today the Service Employees International Union
(SEIU), America's Voice, Center for New Community, and the Fair
Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) launched a print ad
denouncing known hate group, FAIR (the Federation for American
Immigration Reform), for poisoning the immigration debate with bigoted,
xenophobic hate speech.  In support of the ad, SEIU Executive Vice
President Eliseo Medina issued the following statement:

time that everyone learns who FAIR's founders, leaders and followers
truly are. They are not reformers, but a group of extremists whose
leaders are fostering a bigoted, anti-immigrant, anti-American agenda
that we must stop."

"We will not allow
such a raging extremist group to hide behind this false veil of reform.
By continuing to fan the flames of hate and fear, FAIR has contributed
to rising levels of hate crimes and discrimination that we are seeing
in immigrant communities across the country.  There is no place for
such fanatical hate speech anywhere in America today-especially not in
the halls of Congress."

"It's time to
stop the hate. Americans know that hate speech can't raise wages and
living standards for workers, decrease gas prices, provide affordable
healthcare, end the mortgage crisis, or solve immigration. America
doesn't need zealots; we need smart, pragmatic immigration reform. 

attempts to shut down our border and round up anyone who looks a
certain way do not begin to solve our broken immigration system.
Instead, we need to go after the bad-acting employers who exploit
workers, and find a fair, practical way to get undocumented immigrants
out of the underground economy, into the system and under the rule of

Click here to see a copy of the print ad that rain in Politico and Roll Call today.


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