Watch Final DNC Night: Clinton to Take Nomination, Progressives Fight On

President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. (Photo: Getty)

Watch Final DNC Night: Clinton to Take Nomination, Progressives Fight On

'The mood of the electorate is clearly a populist one'

Hillary Clinton will formally accept her party's nomination for president Thursday on the final night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia - the first woman to ever be the nominee of a major party in the United States.

Watch the official DNC livestream of events here:

For alternative reporting, Real News Network is also providing live coverage.

Thursday's schedule will wrap up a turbulent four days which saw political infighting, a massive email leak, and protests on the floor of the convention. Former CIA chief Leon Panetta was interrupted by chants of "No more war!" as he made the case for Clinton on Wednesday, while delegates held up signs protesting the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) during President Barack Obama's prime-time address.

On Thursday, Clinton is expected to spend at least part of her speech attempting to win back public trust that eroded during her increasingly tense campaign against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), as well as the voters who have vowed never to support her. The New York Timesreports:

No one could close a trust deficit with the American people as large as Mrs. Clinton's in one speech. But Thursday night will be the beginning of what could be her biggest challenge in the general election: making voters think she is trustworthy. One way of accomplishing this--which the Clinton campaign has spent much of the convention trying--is to make Mr. Trump appear so erratic, untested and thoughtless that the idea of him becoming president would be too much, even for those who mistrust her. But she will also want to make the election more than a protest vote against him. And to do that she will have to begin to smooth her image--with this speech.

Ahead of the night's events, Politico hosted a panel including Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver and Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) co-founder Stephanie Taylor, where Taylor reiterated the need for Clinton and her running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) to spell out their opposition to the TPP and support for other progressive issues.

"I think the mood of the electorate is clearly a populist one. And I think what people are looking for from the Clinton-Kaine ticket is not just for them to continue taking the positions that they have" on issues like trade, debt-free college and Social Security," Taylor said, "but really are they going to keep the volume high on those issues? Are they going to campaign on those issues and be authentic and sincere in their rhetoric in talking about those issues that matter to working families."

C-SPAN is also carrying the ongoing live coverage of the convention here.

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