Hailing His 'Authenticity and Integrity,' Dr. Cornel West Backs Bernie Sanders

"I endorse Brother Bernie Sanders because he is a long distance runner with integrity in the struggle for justice for over 50 years," Dr. Cornel West said of the Senator from Vermont. (Photo: James Stewart/cc/flickr)

Hailing His 'Authenticity and Integrity,' Dr. Cornel West Backs Bernie Sanders

'Now is the time for his prophetic voice to be heard across our crisis-ridden country,' declared the activist and intellectual

Extolling his "authenticity and integrity" in the struggle against greed, imperialism, and injustice, civil rights activist and intellectual Dr. Cornel West on Monday announced his endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.

"The American Empire is in decline. Our market-driven culture is in decay. The criminal justice system has failed us. And the political system is collapsing due to the weight of corrupt lobbyists and greedy capitalists," West wrote on Twitter, adding:

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Though acknowledging some of the criticisms levied against Sanders, West continued, saying that "prophetic politicians--always with their faults and blind spots--who tell the truth about Wall Street, white supremacy, empire, patriarchy and homophobia, deserve our critical support."

The announcement comes as the mainstream media, fueled by recent protests during Sanders' campaign events, has attempted to paint the U.S. Senator as unpopular among black voters.

He added that the endorsement "is not an affirmation of the neo-liberal Democratic Party," which must be fought against "by social movements in the streets." The Princeton University Professor Emeritus was among those arrested during a civil disobedience protest in Ferguson earlier this month.

"We will push him with integrity towards a more comprehensive vision of freedom for all," he vowed, adding, "Now is the time for [Sanders'] prophetic voice to be heard across our crisis-ridden country."

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