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White Supremacy


'I Stand With Ilhan': Outpouring of Support for Rep. Omar Counters Racist 'Send Her Back' Chant by Trump Crowd

"Trump is stoking the most despicable and disturbing currents in our society. And that very hatred and racism fuels him. We must fight together to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country."

Jake Johnson ·

Trump Denounced for 'Incitement to Violence' Against Ilhan Omar After Latest Racist Attack on Congresswoman

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on representatives to formally condemn Trump's comments

Julia Conley ·

'President Hate, Not Welcome in Our State': Thousands Counter Trump With March for Love and Solidarity in Pittsburgh

"Nationalism, anti-Semitism, and white nationalism cannot be allowed to exist in our city. For many of us, our families came to this country to escape brutal leaders like Trump."

Jake Johnson ·

'You Are Not Welcome in Pittsburgh': Jewish Group Tells Trump to Stay Out After Anti-Semitic Mass Shooting

"For the past three years, your words and your policies have emboldened a growing white nationalist movement. You yourself called the murderer evil, but yesterday's violence is the direct culmination of your influence."

Jessica Corbett ·

What If Ida B. Wells Depended on Facebook?

We need a tax-dollars-funded, just-for-journalism's-sake, public commitment to public media.

Laura Flanders ·

We Can Reimagine and Reinvent Our Society in 2018

Let’s say goodbye to top-down revolutions and embrace grassroots action.

Sarah van Gelder ·

Economically Secure People Do Not Care So Much About Being "Replaced"

The vast majority of Americans are struggling to maintain a moderate standard of living because a grotesque economic model is failing most people.

Bruce T. Boccardy ·

This Juneteenth, What Freedom Stories Will You Tell?

We need to reconstruct media systems built on violence, specifically anti-Black violence.

Venneikia Williams ·

Social Media Platforms Are a 'Safe Space' for Anti-Jewish Hate: Report

"Social media is increasingly unsafe for Jewish people, just as it is becoming for women, Black people, Muslims, LGBT people, and many other groups."

Brett Wilkins ·

'Disturbing': US Military Document Puts Socialists in Same Category as Neo-Nazis

The Navy's new counterterrorism training guide says that socialists are "political terrorists," just like neo-nazis.

Kenny Stancil ·

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