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Big Pharma Has Raised Drug Prices 1,186 Times This Year, Analysis Shows

"We must put an end to drug corporations' unfettered ability to dictate prices at the expense of patients."

Jake Johnson ·

Excluding Insulin From Drug Price Reform a 'Slap in the Face,' Advocates Say

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should "do everything in his power" to immediately reinsert insulin price negotiation and a $35 monthly cap on out-of-pocket insulin costs into Democrats' emerging reconciliation bill, said one expert.

Kenny Stancil ·

Joe Manchin Just Proved Why We Need the OLIGARCH Act

We need to ensure that the richest people in the country can no longer subvert the overwhelming will of voters by buying the goodwill of elected officials.

Dylan Dusseault ·

'CEOs, Not Working People, Are Causing Inflation': Report Shows Soaring Executive Pay

"When you look at those numbers and at CEOs trying to blame workers for inflation, it just doesn't add up," said the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO.

Jake Johnson ·

Just 27 Billionaires Have Spent $90 Million to Buy GOP Congress: Report

"They're counting on that 'small' investment in anti-tax Republicans to save them billions in taxes," said Americans for Tax Fairness, which conducted the analysis.

Kenny Stancil ·

The Federal Reserve Thinks the Answer to Inflation Is Imposing Class War

The conventional medicine for fighting inflation is to make workers pay. And that is what the Federal Reserve, with Joe Biden’s approval, is planning to do.

Hadas Thier ·

Structuring the Economy to Give Money to the Rich Is Inflationary

We transfer tens of billions of dollars upward to CEOs and other top corporate executives through the corrupt corporate governance structure that we have instituted.

Dean Baker ·

Just Two Weeks of Food Billionaire Wealth Gains Could Fund Anti-Hunger Effort in East Africa

"One person is dying every 48 seconds in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia alone," said Oxfam. "Against this backdrop, food billionaires have increased their collective wealth by $382 billion since 2020."

Jake Johnson ·

Behold: The Big Business Plot to Overthrow Democratic Rule

Is it really possible that our largest corporations and their leaders are ripping us all off and jacking up inflation on an ongoing basis just to stick it to the Democrats and hand the GOP the reins of power in 2022 and 2024?

Thom Hartmann ·

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