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Big Oil's Record Profits and Buyback Splurge Spotlight 'Broken Energy System,' Critics Say

Fossil fuel giants raked in billions in profits last quarter "by gouging people at the gas pump," said one campaigner. "Why on Earth are we still subsidizing Big Oil?"

Kenny Stancil ·

With Referendum Off Until 2024, California Lawmakers Must Act on $18 Minimum Wage

California's low-wage workers need a minimum wage hike. The Legislature should make it happen.

Isaac Lozano ·

With Latest Rate Hike, Progressive Critics Say Fed 'Making a Big Mistake'

"Rate hikes will force millions of Americans into joblessness and make families poorer," said economist Robert Reich. "It's the last thing we need right now."

Kenny Stancil ·

The Corporate Narrative on Inflation Is Bogus

Progressive economists understand there is a more accurate narrative on higher prices and it's time for us to tell it.

Chuck Idelson ·

Will Civilization Collapse Because It's Running Out of Oil?

We're going to have to start coming to terms with nature's limits.

Richard Heinberg ·

Inflation Is Not an Excuse to Withhold Support for Needed Tax Reforms and Investments

Linking fiscal policy decisions about the proper level of taxes and spending in the medium and long run to today's inflation makes little sense.

Josh Bivens ·

Study Ties 'Forever Chemicals' Exposure to Billions in US Health Costs

One co-author said the findings show the cost of cleaning up and replacing PFAS "is ultimately justified when considering the tremendous economic and medical risks of allowing them to persist in the environment."

Jessica Corbett ·

Sanders Shreds Big Tech's $76 Billion 'Corporate Welfare' Payday in CHIPS Act

"Bottom line: Let us rebuild the U.S. microchip industry, but let's do it in a way that benefits all of our society, not just a handful of wealthy, profitable, and powerful corporations."

Brett Wilkins ·

Big Oil Quick to Jack Up Gasoline Prices But Slow to Drop Them: Analysis

"Corporate greed drives artificially high prices at the pump."

Kenny Stancil ·

Elizabeth Warren Accuses Fed Chair of Fomenting 'Devastating Recession'

The Massachusetts Democrat warned that if Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell gets his way, "the resulting recession will be brutal."

Jake Johnson ·

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