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As Pump Prices Soared, Big Oil CEOs Enjoyed Windfall Pay Days

Bonuses alone for executives at 28 of the top oil and gas companies combined topped $31 million combined.

Andrea Germanos ·

'Dangerous': Twitter on Verge of Accepting Musk's $43 Billion Buyout Offer

"Musk's real goal has nothing to do with the freedom of others," argued one critic. "His goal is his own unconstrained freedom—the freedom to wield enormous power without having to be accountable."

Jake Johnson ·

The Time Has Come for Progressives to Rescue and Renew American Democracy

Why now is the exact right time to advance and fight for a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights.

Alan Minsky ·

'The Time Is Now to Stand Up to Our Oligarchy,' Sanders Tells Amazon Workers on Eve of Union Vote

The Amazon Labor Union's historic win earlier this month made the JFK8 warehouse "the first domino to fall," said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Workers at LDJ5 can make their Staten Island facility the next one.

Kenny Stancil ·

Primetime Inflation Coverage Blames Workers, Hides Profits

Billionaire-owned media outlets' segments on inflation put far more emphasis on the contributions of labor shortages and social spending—through driving up the cost of labor—than on the role of corporate profit-taking.

Ines Santos ·

An Unexpected But Welcome Call to Cap CEO Pay Comes From France

French President Emmanuel Macron warned recently that modern societies just might "explode" without a maximum wage.

Sam Pizzigati ·

Six Ideas to Address High Gas Prices That Won’t Fan the Flames of Climate Change

Forget a gas tax holiday. Earth Day is a good time to offer better responses to the increases in fuel costs.

Algernon Austin ·

Sanders Warns Against Massive Congressional Bailout for Bezos Space Company

"At a time when over half of the people in this country live paycheck to paycheck," the Vermont senator wrote, "should we really be providing a multibillion-dollar taxpayer bailout for Bezos to fuel his space hobby?"

Jake Johnson ·

Billionaires Do Not Give Anything to Society—They Take From It

The rich do not compete; they destroy the competition. The rich do not create wealth; they accumulate it. The rich do not create knowledge; they kidnap it. The rich do not create ideas; they demonize them.

Jorge Majfud ·

National Nurses United Urges Biden Admin to Crack Down on Hospital Monopolies

"Anti-competitive behavior in the healthcare sector through market consolidation is a threat to the health and safety of nurses and other healthcare workers and is making our patients sicker."

Kenny Stancil ·

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