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After Amazon and Starbucks Union Wins, What's Next for the Reenergized US Labor Movement?

Workers across the country are beginning to reverse a 40-year decline of labor organizing. But deeper problems remain.

Aaron White ·

The So-Called 'Pro-Worker' Republicans Are Silent on Unionization Wins

While employees at Amazon and Starbucks win historic unionization campaigns, the "populist" wing of the GOP has been noticeably silent.

Nick Vachon ·

In Act of Solidarity, Greenpeace Joins Striking Refinery Workers to 'Stop Chevron Greed'

"Fossil fuel executives and their lobbyists have maintained their dominance by pretending to have the best interest of workers and communities at heart," said one organizer. "That's why we're out here floating with fossil fuel workers."

Kenny Stancil ·

'No Means Testing. Do It for Everyone': Biden Urged to Go Big on Student Debt Cancellation

"Student loan debt is already means-tested by design: the rich have no student debt," said the Debt Collective. "We need to cancel all student loan debt."

Jake Johnson ·

'This Is Robbery': Chevron Profits Quadruple and Exxon's Double Amid Ukraine Crisis

"Big Oil is intentionally profiteering off the war in Ukraine," said one campaigner. "We need a Big Oil windfall profits tax."

Jake Johnson ·

Coalition Denounces US Sanctions Harming People Worldwide

"Whether countrywide sanctions or blockade, U.S. policies have hurt civilian populations in targeted countries in what amounts to unjust collective punishment."

Andrea Germanos ·

As Dems Take Aim at Gas Prices, Progressives Say Big Oil Windfall Tax the 'Winning Policy'

"There is vast, bipartisan support for this policy because the public knows oil and gas billionaires are responsible for the pain at the pump," said one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

One Way to Control Inflation? Enforce Price Controls on Corporations

Corporate monopolies are already controlling prices—to keep them high. It’s time to do something about it.

Wenonah Hauter ·

Universal Policies Key to Economic and Social Recovery: Report

"As we look to recover, we have opportunities to imagine what is possible and rebuild in ways that work for everyone."

Julia Conley ·

Despite Soaring Profits, 19 Fortune 100 Companies Paid Little-to-No Taxes in 2021

"Corporations are looting America," said former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Julia Conley ·

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