Lauren McCauley, staff writer
James Roux, whose father was killed in the downing of United Airlines Flight 17, said he went to the remembrance ceremony but all he saw was a "program of military force." (Photo: US Marines/cc/flickr)
In Maine, a lone voice of protest at a small-town 9/11 ceremony has raised questions about how some mourn, and others exploit, the legacy of that day. Jamie Roux , whose father, James M. Roux , was one of the doomed passengers of 9/11's United Airlines Flight 175, was arrested on Sept. 11, 2015 for interrupting a remembrance ceremony in Freeport,...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Community resistance to last year's annual Urban Shield gathering compelled the city of Oakland, Calif. to drop its affiliation with the convention. (Photo: Julia Carrie Wong/Twitter)
San Francisco Bay area activists staged a dramatic demonstration in Oakland on...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Hillary Clinton, frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, reflects on the Iran deal and lays out her foreign policy vision should she win the White House. (Screenshot via CSPAN)
In a speech addressing the pending Iran nuclear agreement on Wednesday,...


Ferguson has become a battlefield, with a white police force waging war on black residents after Mike Brown died in the street "like an animal." With the FAA declaring a no-fly zone to protect "law enforcement activities," police have shot two more people, declined to hear the chilling account of Brown's friend, lobbed tear gas at protesters in their own backyards, and issued a statement saying sorry but could black folks' protests be only in daylight and "respectful," just like they've been.