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Reclaiming the 13 Colonies: A Daunting Task for Boris Johnson

Why Rand Paul’s observations are cause for alarm for some of us living on this side of the Atlantic

Christopher Brauchli ·

US Double Standard on Display in Tepid Response to Israel's Theft of Palestinian Land

Washington is attempting to reshape the entire world so as to get Putin back out of Ukraine, and we see exactly what it looks like when an illegal occupation is genuinely unacceptable to the White House.

Juan Cole ·

Russian Airstrike on Ukrainian School Reportedly Kills Dozens

The regional governor of Luhansk said that "60 people were likely to have died under the rubble of buildings."

Jake Johnson ·

Who's Cashing in on the War in Ukraine? Fossil Fuel Firms and Agricultural Traders

Critics suggest investors are promoting the disruption that they then benefit from – while also slowing a move towards green energy

Joseph Baines ·

General Dynamics Shuts Out Critics, 'Radical Skeptics'

Military contractors may hide behind the veneer of serving the U.S. government, but they ultimately only care about selling weapons and making substantial profits—and they shape our legislation towards that goal.

Shea Leibow ·

Russian Officials Must Be Held to Account for Documented War Crimes: Amnesty

"It is vital that all those responsible, including up the chain of command, are brought to justice," said the group.

Julia Conley ·

After Court OKs 'Ethnic Cleansing' in West Bank, Israel Advances 4,000 Settler Homes

"Every Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories is a war crime. With every new announcement, Israel further consolidates its racially segregated apartheid regime."

Brett Wilkins ·

The Dangerous American Game of Helping Kill Russian Generals

The U.S. establishment need to ask themselves just one question: If the position were reversed, how would the United States react to a third country deliberately helping to kill U.S. commanders?

Anatol Lieven ·

Boris Johnson Pressured Zelenskyy to Ditch Peace Talks With Russia: Ukrainian Paper

"The British government has become an obstacle to peace in Ukraine," said the Stop the War Coalition. "The conflict there is developing into a proxy war between Russia and NATO and it is the Ukrainian people who will suffer the consequences."

Jake Johnson ·

Anti-Zionism Is About Dignity for All Peoples: A Response to ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt

This man reflects the opposite of all my father taught me about what it means to embody the best of our Jewish tradition and values.

Donna Nevel ·

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