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War & Peace


Civilians 'Paying the Highest Price' for 'Utter Devastation' of Ukraine: UN Official

Russia's "senseless war" has led over 2.5 million people to flee Ukraine and displaced another two million within the country, according to U.N. estimates.

Jessica Corbett ·

Amnesty Condemns Kremlin for Blocking Its Russian-Language Website

"This is just the latest attempt by the Russian authorities to suppress information about the possible war crimes its troops are committing in Ukraine and hide them from internet users across the country."

Brett Wilkins ·

9/11 Families to Biden: No Detente With Saudis Without Accountability for 2001 Attacks

The president was reportedly considering a trip to Saudi Arabia to appeal for more oil production as the DOJ announced it would miss a deadline for releasing declassified documents about the 9/11 attacks.

Julia Conley ·

80 Experts Agree: 'Reckless' No-Fly Zone 'Would Mean Going to War With Russia'

"A no-fly zone would commit the U.S. and NATO forces to shoot down any Russian aircraft that enter," reads a new open letter opposing the policy.

Jake Johnson ·

Coalition Calls on US to Swiftly Ratify Global Treaty Banning Cluster Bombs

The ongoing refusal to join the international agreement, says the Cluster Munitions Coalition, "weakens the impact of United States' criticism about Russia's use of these weapons."

Jake Johnson ·

Moscow Accuses US of Waging 'Economic War' Against Russia

"Blanket sanctions against the Russian economy are having an effect," notes Robert Reich. "But the burden has fallen mostly on ordinary Russians, many of whom have already suffered from Putin's brutal regime."

Jessica Corbett ·

Media Networks Suspend Reporting in Russia Over Censorship Law

The Russian government also blocked access to Facebook, which RSF called the "Kremlin's latest move to isolate the population from uncontrolled sources of information."

Jessica Corbett ·

Peace Groups to Demand 'Russian Troops Out' of Ukraine at Weekend Rallies

"There simply has to be a negotiated settlement to avert more terrible suffering and lethal escalation."

Jessica Corbett ·

US Embassy in Kyiv Accuses Russia of 'War Crime' for Shelling Nuclear Power Plant

The statement comes as the U.N. Human Rights Council passes a resolution demanding complete Russian withdrawal from Ukraine.

Andrea Germanos ·

HRW Confirms Russia Dropped Cluster Bombs on Kharkiv

"Using cluster munitions in populated areas shows a brazen and callous disregard for people's lives," said the human rights group.

Andrea Germanos ·

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