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Puerto Ricans Must Come First, Not Wall Street Vultures

Every dollar going to one of the hedge funds that have bought up much of the islands' debt is a dollar taken away from saving lives

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts recently said that "not one cent should go to the vulture funds.” (Photo: Erika Nizborski)

I still cry when I talk to my family back in Puerto Rico. I am from a small town in Puerto Rico called Naranjito. My family members, like many on the island, are still waiting for distribution of basic supplies. They are in desperate need of water, gas, and food. They wait up to 15 hours in line only to receive two water bottles and scraps of food.

My sister is struggling with diabetes and cannot get the help she needs. My niece was dismissed from a hospital because of lack of equipment and overcrowding. In New York City, where I live now, I feel powerless to help them.

It is heartbreaking and it is shameful.

"Every dollar that goes to Wall Street vultures is a dollar taken away from saving lives in Puerto Rico."

We know things are bad. We know it's worth the fight.

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Maria Beri

Maria Beri

Maria Beri is a member of New York Communities for Change, a multi-racial membership-based organization of working families fighting against economic and racial oppression.

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