World Cup

Jon Queally, staff writer
Police officers of the "Choque" special unit pose during the presentation of security forces for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, in Rio de Janeiro on May 30, 2014. (Photo: AFP Photo/Christophe Simon)
As Brazilians opposed to outrageous sums of public money spent on preparations for the upcoming World Cup protest with marches and strikes, the nation's government and its police forces are boasting that they have planned for all contingencies ahead of the games, including plans to clamp down on dissent and disruption by establishing "security...


In case you live in a cave, the World Cup starts today. In Brazil, that means airport workers are striking, police are firing noise bombs and tear gas at angry protesters, and soccer fans are streaming into $14 billion worth of overpriced stadiums and unfinished hotels. In Milwaukee, that means a bar called the Nomad is open for business with its brand new, home-grown, no-dirt-or-actual-poor-people-in sight "favela," featuring surfboard bar, taco shack and courtyard - initially a "shanty town"...

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