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What—If Anything—Will US Military Learn From Putin's Disastrous Ukraine Invasion?

We need an entirely different approach to national security.

Andrew Bacevich ·

Last Operating Reactor at Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Shut Down

The move, made possible by restoring a backup power line, came ahead of a global week of action by peace groups pushing for a diplomatic resolution.

Jessica Corbett ·

Peace Groups Decry Billions More in US Military Aid as Blinken Visits Ukraine

"The White House and Congress are fueling this war with a steady stream of weapons instead of pushing for talks to end the conflict," said Medea Benjamin of CodePink.

Brett Wilkins ·

Nuclear Alarm Bells at Zaporizhzhia

The extreme risks around Ukraine’s massive nuclear plant are the strongest argument yet for an end to the use of nuclear power.

Linda Pentz Gunter ·

Banks Have Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands

Citi is not alone. Together with JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, and Crédit Agricole, it collectively provided more than 12 billion dollars of loans for Russian oil and gas companies in the run up to Russia's full scale military invasion.

Svitlana Romanko ·

'Playing With Fire': IAEA Issues Urgent Warning After Visit to Ukraine Nuclear Plant

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres endorsed the nuclear watchdog's new report, warning that any damage "to Zaporizhzhia—or to any other nuclear facility in Ukraine—could spell catastrophe."

Kenny Stancil ·

Peace Talks Essential as War Rages on in Ukraine

Further escalation should be unthinkable, but so should a long war of endless crushing artillery barrages and brutal urban and trench warfare that slowly and agonizingly destroys Ukraine.

Medea Benjamin ·

Zelenskyy Accuses Russia of Using Zaporizhzhia Power Plant as 'Nuclear Weapon'

One nonproliferation expert said "there is a high risk that an accident like that of the Fukushima disaster in Japan could occur" if shelling continues at Zaporizhzhia.

Julia Conley ·

'Worst Yet to Come' as Global Civil Unrest Index Hits All-Time High

"Over the coming months, governments across the world are about to get an answer to a burning question: Will protests sparked by socioeconomic pressure transform into broader and more disruptive anti-government action?"

Jessica Corbett ·

Mikhail Gorbachev, Who Presided Over End of Cold War and Soviet Empire, Dead at 91

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said Gorbachev "did more than any other individual to bring about the peaceful end of the Cold War."

Brett Wilkins ·

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