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Amid 'Heightened' Fears of Nuclear War, Dem Lawmakers Urge US to Join Arms Summit

"The United States has a—sadly—unique perspective on the human consequences of the production, testing, and use of nuclear weapons," the four lawmakers assert.

Brett Wilkins ·

'War Crimes': Amnesty Probe Details Hundreds Killed by Russia's Indiscriminate Bombing of Kharkiv

Amnesty International researchers found evidence of widespread use of cluster bombs, which can kill and injure people even after they are dropped.

Julia Conley ·

Lack of Debate Most Worrying Aspect of Congressional Approval of Ukraine Arms Package

Bay State reps and senators support providing $40 billion in mostly military aid on the quiet—risking nuclear war alongside accelerating economic crises at home and abroad.

Jason Pramas ·

LNG Boom Could Add Over 90 Million Tons of Annual Emissions

If pollution from extraction and the eventual burning of gas are accounted for, a new report notes, "the true climate footprint of LNG would be several times higher."

Brett Wilkins ·

Media and Congress Enable Biden's Silence on Increasing Risk of Nuclear War

Refusing to talk about the dangers of thermonuclear destruction makes it more likely, not less.

Norman Solomon ·

Russia's Oil Dependency Pushed Putin's Rush to War

Oil dependence is Putin's bane, and ours.

Sandy Smith-Nonini ·

Longer-Range Missiles Could Also Mean Longer-Range Suffering for Ukrainians

The White House may say it wants diplomacy but its actions—sending more advanced weapons— could have the opposite effect.

Ted Snider ·

The US/UK Proxy War Forestalling Peace Negotiations in Ukraine

It is first and foremost the Ukrainians who will suffer from this approach, as the conflict turns into a terrible war of attrition.

Chris Nineham ·

Boris Johnson Says Ukraine Should Not Accept 'Bad Peace' With Russia

One anti-war campaigner warns "it is first and foremost the Ukrainians who will suffer" from the U.K. prime minister's continued opposition to diplomatic talks.

Jake Johnson ·

New Demands for Yemen War Powers Resolution as Report Reveals Depth of US Complicity in Airstrikes

An investigation found that many Saudi-led airstrikes were "carried out by jets developed, maintained, and sold by U.S. companies, and by pilots who were trained by the U.S. military."

Brett Wilkins ·

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