Steven Mnuchin

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We need stronger protections for consumers, but instead, this proposal is a toxic concoction of repackaged banker handouts," said Public Citizen's Lisa Gilbert
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"There are aspects of Glass-Steagall that you support, but not breaking up the banks and separating commercial banking from investment banking. What do you think Glass-Steagall was if that's not right at the heart of it?" (Photos: Getty Images)
While campaigning, Donald Trump frequently said he'd support the reinstatement...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
 "Points to Mnuchin for being honest here," Washington Post columnist Aaron Blake wrote Thursday. "But saying that your 'middle-class tax cut' may not cut taxes for all of the middle class is a pretty ominous admission—especially as you say that's your No. 1 goal." (Screenshot: ABC News' "Good Morning America")
Scant on details, critics say this is a massive tax break for corporations that...