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Sinclair Broadcasting

With Sinclair's Latest "Must-Run" Segment Defending Tear Gassing of Refugees, Trump's Dream of State TV Comes True

"And Trump thinks we need another news network devoted to pushing his propaganda?"

Julia Conley ·

Trump’s Endless Mendacity and the Dawn of American Fascism

No U.S. president has ever lied as prolifically, constantly, insidiously and dangerously as Donald Trump. He never stops. He’s the Energizer Bunny of endless falsehood.

Paul Street ·

'Big Win for the Public': The Awful Tribune-Sinclair Merger Is Dead

"The collapse of this merger is as major a victory for American consumers as it is a defeat for the propaganda pushers at Sinclair."

Jake Johnson ·

'The Pressure Is Working': Watchdogs Welcome FCC's 'Serious Concerns' With Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Chairman Ajit Pai introduced an order that would require the merger applicants to participate in an administrative review process often seen as a "deal-killer"

Jessica Corbett ·

A TV Mega-Merger That’s Bad for the First Amendment

This unprecedented concentration of control, which contradicts the FCC’s own policies about how wide a broadcasting company’s reach can be, would stifle the diversity of views in the press that’s essential for a healthy democracy.

Jacob J. Hutt ·

MSNBC’S Creepy Comcast Commercial Is Sinclair Lite

One is compelled to wonder what influence, both subtle and direct, Comcast corporate has on its properties’ coverage on a day-to-day basis.

Adam Johnson ·

I'd Like to Offer This Sanity Quiz to All #NeverTrump Conservatives

Nicolle Wallace, David Frum, Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol: Step right up.

Charles P. Pierce ·

Who Will Take on the 21st Century Tech and Media Monopolies?

After decades of regulatory neglect, Big Tech is finally coming under the microscope.

Justin Anderson ·

Do U.S. Oligarchs Exist? Not in Mainstream Media

Word choice is revealing when one considers an indisputable fact: U.S. oligarchs have done far more to undermine U.S. democracy than any Russian ever could

Jeff Cohen ·

Sinclair Broadcasting Airs Allied Progress Ad - Between Attacks on the Group

Sinclair: "We hope you won’t buy into the hysteria and hype."

Common Dreams staff ·

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