Sinclair Broadcasting

- Common Dreams staff
The Sinclair Broadcasting cut a biased deal with Jared Kushner and the Trump campaign. Now the Trump FCC is paying back the favor.
During the 2016 Presidential campaign, t he Sinclair Broadcasting group cut a deal with Jared Kushner for “good” coverage of the Trump Administration, which seems to have paid off. Politico reported last December: Sinclair would broadcast their Trump interviews across the country without commentary, Kushner said. Kushner highlighted that Sinclair...
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
The merger would give Sinclair ownership or control of TV stations in 72 percent of the United States. (Photo: Deadline)
Creating the nation's largest local TV station conglomerate—and raising the...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
FCC chair Ajit Pai claimed there was enough competition in the BDS marketplace, despite the commission itself finding that in most areas there is only one BDS provider. (Photo: Getty)
At its April open meeting on Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (...