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Roy Moore

After Black Voters Drive Historic Win for Doug Jones in Alabama, Demand Grows for Policies That 'Do More' To Serve Them

"Doug Jones and the grassroots who powered him to victory showed us a path out of the darkness of 2016 and gave us an ideal boost of momentum as we work to take back Congress in 2018."

Jessica Corbett ·

As Final Tax Scam Vote Looms, Demands for McConnell to Seat Doug Jones 'Immediately'

"Alabama voters deserve to have their voices heard in this fight."

Jake Johnson ·

Trump, Bannon, and Roy Moore Rebuked as Doug Jones Claims Victory in Alabama

"A crushing blow to [president's] agenda of bigotry, hate, and division... and a powerful reminder that progressives can win anywhere and everywhere if we stand up for an inclusive populist political agenda."

Jon Queally ·

Dear Alabama, Urges Restive Nation, Please Don't Vote for 'Flagrant Bigot' Roy Moore

"Dear friends and loved ones in Alabama, please do the right thing when you go to the polls tomorrow. Roy Moore perfectly and luridly encapsulates the most shameful parts of our state's history."

Jake Johnson ·

More Moore

The case of Roy Moore has shown that many Republican lawmakers will defend any behavior of a member of their party, over allowing a Democratic win

Christopher Brauchli ·

Using Ivanka Trump's Own Words Against Her Father's Cause, Resistance Group Protests Pro-Moore Rally

"Try as Trump and the Republican Party might, there's no way to escape the truth about Roy Moore or Ivanka Trump's own words."

Julia Conley ·

Trump-Endorsed Roy Moore Condemned for Reminiscing Fondly About 'Great' Era of US Slavery

Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore claimed that "families were united" before slavery was outlawed

Julia Conley ·

Sanders Says Trump Should Follow Franken's Lead and Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

The president and the Republican Senate candidate he supports have so far avoided consequences of their alleged sexual misconduct, while Democratic leaders have stepped down

Julia Conley ·

Let's Take Stock of all the Horrible Stuff Trump and the GOP Have Been Up to Lately

The latest big-ticket items on the Republicans' list of horrors and atrocities

Ryan Cooper ·

Moore Is Less: Alabama, the Senate and the Nation Will Suffer

As the special election approaches, Republicans abandon morality for power.

Michael Winship ·

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