Julia Conley, staff writer
"Let's stop making mass shooters famous."
Jenna McGuire, newsroom staff
"Manuel Oliver and Fred Guttenberg are heroes, and have lived through enough...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Gun violence is "a uniquely American issue and it is uniquely in each of your...


Bret Kavanaugh
The White House of a pathological liar, irredeemable grifter and serial sexual predator has now set the bar so low it's underground, or more aptly, under water. They and their slimy apologists responded to the credible charge from a "leftist rage mob" that a Supreme Court nominee tried to rape someone by smearing the victim, crowing about all the women he didn't try to rape, urging a vote NOW, and dumbfoundingly arguing, c'mon, who among us hasn't tried to rape someone?