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A man walks along a damaged street after the passage of Hurricane Eta in La Lima, Cortes, Honduras, on November 16, 2020 as Hurricane Iota—upgraded to Category 5—moves over the Caribbean toward the Nicaragua-Honduras border. (Photo: Wendell Escoto/AFP via Getty Images)
"It's a simple equation: as the global temperature rises storms get bigger, longer, and more frequent," said Greenpeace. "We need governments to act on climate RIGHT NOW.
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Human rights defenders in Iran, the U.S., Nicaragua, and Belarus were...
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"I plead guilty to, throughout my adult life, doing everything that I can to...


An enormous group of organizations and individuals from all over the globe have signed a statement that declares their solidarity with the people of Haiti as the embark on their arduous journey towards recovery. The group rejects those attempts to militarize the disaster response and emphasizes the need for Haiti to retain its sovereignty and freedom even as it receives the welcome support from foreign governments and aid organizations.