Moral Monday

Common Dreams staff
80,000 March in Raleigh for Voting Rights, Democracy & #MoralResistance
'A loud majority is outraged and the whole world is in turmoil asking what can we do. Well, we know we’ve got a hard fight ahead, but we know how to win'
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
A General Assembly police officer moves protesters back as they hold signs and chant outside the N.C. House chambers Thursday. (Photo: Chris Seward/ News & Observer)  Read more here:
"The avalanche of anti-voter surprise bills introduced yesterday by the...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore surrounded by other members of North Carolina's Republican-led General Assembly. (Photo: Raleigh News & Observer)
Vowing to fight back, NC NAACP to hold protest Thursday to demand GOP-...