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'Alarming': ALEC's New Model Bill Would Penalize Banks for Divesting From Fossil Fuels

One critic called the proposal, which describes green investment policies as a form of "energy discrimination," a "desperate attempt by fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists to maintain their profits."

Kenny Stancil ·

After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dead at 79

"Death is an escape hatch for David Koch while the rest of us are left scrambling for the emergency brake before we go over the cliff."

Eoin Higgins ·

Fox & Friends Poll Designed to Discredit Medicare for All Explodes in Their Face

"A majority say yes to healthcare for all! The benefits: Guaranteed medical care, dental, vision and hearing, for all Americans, free at the point-of-care. The savings: $2 trillion over 10 years."

Jake Johnson ·

Koch-Funded Hit Piece Backfires: Shows Medicare for All Would Save 'Whopping $2 Trillion' Over Ten Years While Covering Everybody

"If every major country on Earth can guarantee healthcare to all, and achieve better health outcomes, while spending substantially less per capita than we do, it is absurd for anyone to suggest that the United States cannot do the same."

Jake Johnson ·

Koch Network Showers Fascist Election Deniers With Campaign Cash Ahead of Midterms

"His choice is not unlike the choices that most German industrialists made in the Weimar Republic," one critic said of billionaire Charles Koch.

Jake Johnson ·

'Come On, Kyrsten': Koch Network Pleads With Sinema to Tank Senate Deal

"Say no for Arizona," the Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity tells the Democratic senator in a new ad.

Jake Johnson ·

Time to Put Charles Koch Under Oath for His Climate Lies

If the House Oversight Committee is serious about getting to the bottom of the fossil fuel industry's longtime campaign to stymie climate policy, it should call Koch on the carpet.

Elliott Negin ·

Brown University Faculty Reject Push for Koch-Funded Scholarship

"I did not come to Brown to study at an institution that promotes the presence of the Koch anti-science, anti-democratic ideology," wrote one student in a recent op-ed.

Kenny Stancil ·

Head of Koch-Tied Group Urges Sinema to 'Stay Strong' as She Opposes Tax Hikes on Rich

"There's no policy argument for it and no political justification," said one progressive group.

Jake Johnson ·

The Secret Corporate Memo Behind Today's Guerilla War on Campus Progressives

For the health of our democracy, we need to disarm the war on knowledge and reason that was inspired by the 'Powell Memo' and carried out by the Koch network and its right-wing army.

Nancy MacLean ·

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