Koch Brothers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
For Sale: Congress
Decade-long analysis shows "most U.S. billionaires have given large amounts money—and many have engaged in intense activity—to advance unpopular, inequality-exacerbating, highly conservative economic policies."
Julia Conley, staff writer
After years-long efforts by human rights groups and lawmakers to end U.S...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Trump digs coal
"Even if the president ends up in prison, we're going to be paying for this era...


To highlight "crimes masquerading as commerce," two activists asked prisoners convicted of "a whole bucket of crimes" to draw portraits of corporate bigwigs whose offenses - fraud, conspiracy, manslaughter, public endangerment - make their puny assaults and burglaries pale. Prisoners are people, the project notes, and corporations aren't. Proceeds from the art, presented complete with rap sheets, go to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Brilliant.