Koch Brothers

Jake Johnson, staff writer
The Koch brothers are backing the GOP effort to cut taxes on the rich.
As Republicans attempt to quickly shift attention from their failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act to their goal of overhauling the tax code—an objective that is being cheered on and bankrolled by Charles and David Koch —early signs indicate that their plans will face similarly fierce resistance. "Big money influence has led to...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
In an interview on MSNBC 's "Morning Joe" Thursday morning, Sen. Bernie Sanders...
Julia Conley
The Congressional Budget Office is expected to throw a wrench in the plans of...


To highlight "crimes masquerading as commerce," two activists asked prisoners convicted of "a whole bucket of crimes" to draw portraits of corporate bigwigs whose offenses - fraud, conspiracy, manslaughter, public endangerment - make their puny assaults and burglaries pale. Prisoners are people, the project notes, and corporations aren't. Proceeds from the art, presented complete with rap sheets, go to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Brilliant.