Extraordinary Rendition

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"If Obama had allowed prosecutions over CIA torture, 'people like Haspel, quite plausibly, could have gone to prison.' Instead, she's going to run the CIA."
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Gina Haspel's ascent to agency's number two spot comes just after President...


Eleven years on, Sept. 11 still summons in roughly equal parts a speechless sorrow, and rage at the grievous, wholly senseless carnage that followed in its ill-begotten name - perhaps never more than today, with new revelations of not just the sins but the further, utter ineptitude of the Bush White House. It's so hard to look at this face. The only possible reason to do so is, hopefully, to learn. To be moved to say, like Jews regarding the Holocaust: Never again. "It is one thing for people...