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'Belongs Nowhere Near the US Senate': Oz Says Local Politicians Should Play a Role in Abortion Decisions

"After months of trying to hide his extreme abortion position, Oz let it slip on the debate stage on Tuesday," said a spokesperson for John Fetterman's campaign.

Jake Johnson ·

As Lula Leads Bolsonaro, Activists Warn of 'Blatant Disinformation' Online Before Brazil's Runoff

"What is happening in Brazil on Facebook, on YouTube, and other platforms looks awfully similar to what was happening in the U.S. around the 2020 election," said one campaigner.

Brett Wilkins ·

New Progressive Voter Guides Score Midterm Candidates on Climate, Abortion Rights

"Voters want to prioritize the issue of climate change and reproductive choice in the voting booth," said the president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC, the resource's author.

Brett Wilkins ·

Progressives Have But One Option on Election Day: Vote to Defeat the Neofascist GOP

Claiming that there are no significant differences between the two parties is a form of super-ideological gaslighting on automatic pilot.

Norman Solomon ·

Kevin McCarthy Will Last Longer Than A Lettuce (But May Not Smell As Nice)

Oddly enough, governing while wedded to an ideology that is dishonest, demeaning, and destructive just isn't popular.

David Michael Green ·

GOP Threatens to Hold Economy Hostage to Slash Climate Investments

"If Republicans take over Congress, they plan to hold the government hostage and ransom our future," said one climate advocate.

Jake Johnson ·

Sanders Warns GOP Midterm Win Would Pull US 'Far, Far, Far to the Right'

"We are taking on a political party, the Republicans, who literally are trying to undermine American democracy," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Jake Johnson ·

In 'Affront to Justice,' Thomas Shields Graham From Subpoena in Georgia Election Case

"Clarence Thomas should not be ruling on any 2020 election-related case given his wife's behavior. Period. Full stop."

Julia Conley ·

Don't Call Them Election Deniers. Call Them Election Liars

Words matter and the media bear a special responsibility to get them right. When they don't, democracy itself can become the ultimate victim.

Steven Harper ·

'Hey Dems, Blame the Corporate Profiteers': Progressives Offer Midterm Messaging Advice on Inflation

Targeting price gouging and the greed of major companies "has the advantage of being a vote-winner and the advantage of being true," said one commentator.

Julia Conley ·

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