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Americans Are Sleepwalking Into Completion of Trump's Unfinished Coup

As the former president continues to stoke his base with his big lie that the election was stolen, GOP lawmakers are adding fuel to the fire, pushing more Americans into Trump’s paranoid nightmare.

Robert Reich ·

Right-Wing Extremist Boebert to Guide Policy on House GOP Leadership Team

"This is the Republican Party after a catastrophic midterm underperformance," said one Democratic strategist.

Julia Conley ·

Progressives Mobilize in Georgia for Dec. 6 Senate Runoff

Advocacy groups backing Sen. Raphael Warnock call the Democrat a "reproductive rights champion" who is also "fighting to stop the climate crisis and create good jobs in the process."

Jessica Corbett ·

Rev. Barber Breaks Down Why Democrats Must Engage With Low-Wealth Voters

In future elections, said the co-chair of the Poor People's Campaign, Democrats must "focus clearly and intensely on poor and low-wealth voters who tend to, when they vote, vote progressive if they're targeted."

Julia Conley ·

Poor People's Campaign Mobilizing Low-Income Voters in Georgia Ahead of Senate Runoff

"It ain't over yet, and every vote must be cast to count," said the grassroots group.

Julia Conley ·

'Carpetbagger' Charges Fly as Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Walker's Texas Tax Break Exposed

Democratic opponent Sen. Raphael Warnock asked, "How can Herschel Walker represent Georgians when he doesn't even claim our great state as his primary residence?"

Brett Wilkins ·

Warnock's Campaign Is Tired. He Needs a Revamped Working-Class Message to Defeat Walker

These 8 winning campaign messages and tactics will generate news for the Warnock campaign, enliven the campaign workers, and come to the attention of more of nearly half of the voters planning to stay home.

Ralph Nader ·

Inflation Inequality: The Impact of Soaring Prices on the Bottom-Tier Communities of the South

Current approaches to fighting poverty and economic inequities are often individually strong, but they are not achieving the results that economically vulnerable households need. We need collective action and we need it now.

John Simpkins ·

'Straight From Donald Trump's Playbook': Brazil's Bolsonaro Contests Validated Election Loss

"No more dubious gamesmanship, irresponsibility, insults to institutions and democracy," said the leader of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's party. "The election was decided by the vote and Brazil needs peace to build a better future."

Brett Wilkins ·

Thank Court-Backed Gerrymandering for GOP House Takeover

Recent actions—and inaction—by the right-wing majority of the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for a Republican majority.

Sue Sturgis ·

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