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Paul and Blackburn Among GOP Senators Opposing Extension of School Meal Program

"We cannot allow 95 million meals to be missed by kids this summer," warned Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal in the face of the Republicans' obstruction.

Brett Wilkins ·

LGBTQ+ Advocates Praise New Biden Rules Barring Discrimination Against Trans Students

"Title IX protects all students," asserted one advocacy group. "We expect that the next rule specific to school athletics will be equally affirming and inclusive of trans and nonbinary students, as would be expected under the law."

Brett Wilkins ·

Civil Rights Groups Demand Biden Cancel at Least $50K in Student Debt Per Borrower

Federal student loans payments are currently scheduled to begin again at the end of August, as households across the country face rising prices due to inflation.

Julia Conley ·

Far-Too-Weak Senate Gun Control Bill Slammed as 'Crumbs'

"NOW is the time to end the filibuster and save the lives of our students, our community members, and our fellow educators," said organizers in Arizona.

Julia Conley ·

Supreme Court Ruling Turns Separation of Church and State Into 'Constitutional Violation,' Warns Sotomayor

"We are witnessing one of the most extreme Supreme Courts in modern history rewrite the most basic social commitments of our society," said the head of one of the nation's largest teachers unions.

Julia Conley ·

Doug Mastriano's Rootin' Tootin' School Shootin' Prevention Plan

The GOP nominee for governor in Pennsylvania wouldn't arm teachers with books, funding, or resources to teach—just guns.

Steven Singer ·

How Fossil Fuel Executives Overheated US Public Classrooms

While the oil industry rakes in record profits—nearly $100 billion in the first quarter of this year—public schools are paying the price for their climate pollution and disinformation.

Sverre LeRoy ·

'Pure Insanity': Ohio Gov. Signs Bill to Arm Teachers After 24 Hours of Training

"Don't arm teachers, pay them more," said one progressive critic.

Julia Conley ·

What Does It Mean That Women Now Dominate Higher Education?

If you visit a college campus, you should see roughly three women—now about 60% of all college students—for every two men.

Rebecca Gordon ·

If Corinthian Student Debt Can Be Wiped Out—All of It Can

The entire system is predatory. Backed by the Department of Education, it has pushed millions of us into a debt trap while Wall Street profited.

Ashley Pizzuti ·

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