Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Jon Queally, staff writer
'The tidal wave of abolition is continuing to sweep over the United States, and soon the death penalty will be relegated to the history books where it belongs. Who’s next?'
Common Dreams staff
'The death penalty is not justice,' says Amnesty International. 'It will only...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Though Massachusetts, where both the crimes and trial took place, does not have...


Forget flowers and dinosaurs. Because it's never too early to teach bigotry to your guileless toddlers, get them the new "True Faces of Evil - Terror" coloring book, with an introduction to ISIS - "See the man being crucified, honey! Can you color his gaping head wounds red?" - AND four glossy pages of terrorist trading cards that helpfully include Julian Assange. And no, it is NOT racist or anti-Muslim, even if it does describe "these animals, these brutal people, these terrible humans."