Chris Hedges

Adam Federman, Earth Island Journal
Members of Deep Green Resistance denied entry to Canada on the way to a Chris Hedges’ lecture
Common Dreams staff
Action takes direct aim at center of global capitalism to call for complete...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Can new progressive era rise from ashes of 'obstructionism' or is the descent...


Note to the media: Listen up. Bernie's stunning win in Michigan didn't just reveal the royal pundits - who had him trailing Clinton by 20 points - have no clothes. It put to the lie the whole, skewed, patronizing narrative of a press that has relentlessly dismissed his principled stands as "a hoary political fantasy." Now they're mystified Michigan's many Muslims aren't listening either, voting 70 to 30 for the Jewish Socialist. Hmm, maybe 'cause he's not a bigot, liar, hawk or oligarch?