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Citing Harm to Public Education, Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on For-Profit Charter Schools

"Charter schools are led by unaccountable, private bodies, and their growth has drained funding from the public school system."

Jake Johnson ·

DeVos Defends $18 Million Cut to Special Olympics Funding While Asking Congress for $60 Million for Charter Schools

"Just when you thought the Trump administration couldn't possibly stoop any lower..."

Julia Conley ·

If Corinthian Student Debt Can Be Wiped Out—All of It Can

The entire system is predatory. Backed by the Department of Education, it has pushed millions of us into a debt trap while Wall Street profited.

Ashley Pizzuti ·

Trump DOJ Casting Long Shadow Over Biden Admin: Analysis

The Biden administration "should adopt Trump's positions about as often as a stopped clock is accurate," the Revolving Door Project argues.

Brett Wilkins ·

Koch Network Infiltration of Public Schools 'Harms Students, Teachers, and Our Democracy': Report

"In their assault on public education, the network has taken actions to increasingly privatize and corporatize K-12 institutions."

Brett Wilkins ·

The Failure of the Obama-Duncan "School Improvement Grants" and Its Lessons for Today

Sadly, the Obama-Duncan Race to the Top program promoted the same strategies and goals as No Child Left Behind.

Diane Ravitch ·

A Former Lobbyist Explains How the Privatization Movement Is Trying to End Public Education

They all have the same purpose: To undo public education—not only the institution but also the public funding of schools.

Valerie Strauss ·

'We Can Cancel All $1.8 Trillion,' Say Activists as Cardona Announces Full Debt Relief for Scammed Students

"Organizing works. We can't stop now," said The Debt Collective.

Jake Johnson ·

Biden Signs Two Executive Orders to Advance Gender Equality on International Women's Day

"Let us recommit to the principle that our nation, and the world, is at its best when the possibilities for all of our women and girls are limitless." 

Jenna McGuire ·

Prince Redux: The Family's Imprint Is Still Being Felt

It’s hard not to marvel at their staying power.

Christopher Brauchli ·

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